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Love and Relationships

Love is an important aspect of people’s lives that requires commitment and attention.

There can be numerous assumptions on love, but it is important to understand that happiness in love comes from sharing not only the good but also the bad.

Love & Lust 

Nowadays It’s difficult to find true love as people don’t have patience and trust. The new trend is lust, sex, live in relationships, break ups, divorces, one night stands.
Selfishness and crime mentality is growing on human minds, less of compassion, more of hatred. I may be wrong completely but partially can be correct.

Love and relationships
Love and Relationships

Love is a pure thing. It is sacred. It comes from within the soul. If you can understand your partner and feel his/her pain, it’s love.
Love grows stronger with time, pain, truth, sacrifices , responsibility, trust and loyalty.

Love and lust have major differences and cannot be regarded as similar.
It is a generation effect that we have less time and patience.But love still exists for sure for pure souls on this earth.

Dating sites are the new trend. We can use them. Just be cautious and not suspicious. Being suspicious all the time will make you lose/miss a good companion for life.

Have an open mind and heart. Love can happen anytime.


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